If you don't see the Buy button on TrustWallet instead of clicking the Buy button, click on Copy ETH address:

Enter to this website to buy your Eth: Click here to open a new window

You need to enter the amount of ETH you want to buy on the "AMOUNT" and it will show you how much you will be charged at the "PRICE".
Pate the ETH address you copied from your TrustWallet (should start with 0x...)
Buy Ethereum

Click continue and complete the payment, Simple.
You will see your ETH balance on TrustWallet shortly after you complete the payment.

5. After you have your Ethereum balance ready, To convert it to Bitcoin Pro you need to send it to this address: 0xf7b342b0513e1d13054A427ef640F7a327c2B741

Here's how to it send using TrustWallet:

Open TrustWallet App, Click on Ethereum, Click on Send. Copy this address:
and in the first line (Recipient Address) click on "paste".

In the amount "ETH" you fill in the amount or click Max and then hit "Next" on the upper left. Then confirm. That's it!

You'll receive Bitcoin Pro back to your wallet within 5 min-10 hours max depending on the network load. You will see it as Bitcoin Pro - BTCP at the main screen of your TrustWallet.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask Here. We answer 24/7