Bitcoin PRO Make Bitcoin Decentralized Again

Why Bitcoin PRO?

Bitcoin Pro will eventually replace the traditional Bitcoin (BTC) because it uses the latest technology Blockchains: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon (Matic). The old Bitcoin uses old technology that will probably have security issues in the future, It's like using Windows or Android phone without the ability to upgrade to the latest version after a "Show Stopper" bug was found.

The developers plan is to add Bitcoin Pro liquidity using all layer one blockhains and never exceed the MAX supply of 2.1 Million coins by burning the coins added to different networks, making Bitcoin Pro updated and decentralized using top and latest technology, which in itself make it superior to all other crypto currencies.

The team of developers spent two full years of their lives pouring their heart and soul into Bitcoin PRO and all of this work has paid off thanks to the top-quality end product they have created. It is the PRO version of Bitcoin in every conceivable way.

It is essentially an upgrade in every possible way to the previous iterations of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin PRO Advantages

ONE Coin To Rule Them ALL

Transactions are processed at lightning-quick speeds, only taking mere seconds. This is made possible thanks to the block updating every single minute, unlike every ten minutes which is the case for standard Bitcoin.

The mining speeds are also far superior with Bitcoin Pro than other iterations, which allow transactions to be completed in the blink of an eye.


You know that transactions will go through quickly, safely and securely.

This minimises the risk of theft or network failures that may take days to resolve.

Minimal Fees

You are able to send large sums across the globe for mere pennies. This saves you significant amounts of cash in the long run.

Energy Efficient

Standard Bitcoin consumes a lot more energy than Bitcoin PRO, which means that Bitcoin PRO is the more ecological and environmentally-friendly option. You will not only be protecting the environment, but you will also be helping to make the mining process more efficient.

Easy to use

BitcoinPRO is extremely easy to use, only need a few clicks and a couple of relevant details in order to send cash across the world.

Proven Track Record

It is a payment system that has proven time and time again to be reliable and that has a store of value.Bitcoin PRO is much more democratic in the mining process than Bitcoin and even Bitcoin Gold. This comes as a result of mining from every regular computer, rather than focusing on super computers.


Your transactions have never been safer as a result of the use of the most robust blockchain technology in the world, with the encryption utilised in Bitcoin Pro being much safer than previous iterations of Bitcoin. This is in part thanks use of updated blockchains like ETH, BNB and more to follow versus the x1 that regular Bitcoin utilises.

If you wanted to create a clear picture of the superiority of the Bitcoin PRO encryption, imagine a lottery card. With standard bitcoin you would have to guess 6 out of 45 numbers, whereas with Bitcoin PRO you need to guess 150 out of 1200 numbers.

If this wasn’t enough, nobody has control of Bitcoin PRO once the contract released to the world, not even the developers.

This clearly showcases just how much safer Bitcoin PRO is when it comes to your hard earned funds.

Bitcoin Pro Transparency Table - We don't hide any information about the Total Supply unlike most of the coins EVERYBODY knows, and it comes with PROOFS! (click on the links to see it on the blockchain)

Bitcoin Pro contracts are RENOUNCED. What is a renounced contract? it's a contract that it's creator has activated a one-time function that cancels the option to control it forever, Meaning it can never be changed. This function guarantee and shows Bitcoin Pro is safe and cannot be changed. Just for general knowledge, 99.9% of the tokens in the market, their contracts are not renounced! Meaning things can change dramatically. For example, option to mint new coins, limit addresses, freeze and more. With Bitcoin Pro, you can be sure your tokens will stay that way forever with no hidden surprises!

On the table below you can see exactly how many coins produced on each blockchain. With every network added, Bitcoin Pro will burn coins from other networks. That way, there will never be more that 2.1 Million coins available.

Our goal is to make Bitcoin Pro the most secure and easy to trade asset in the world by using the most powerful blockchains with the latest technology.

BTCP Blockchains Total Produced Coins Burnt Burn Date Total Coins
Ethereum 2,100,000 192,478 02/21/2022 1,907,522
BSC 92,478 - - 92,478
Polygon 100,000 - - 100,000
        Sum: 2,100,000


Bitcoin Pro VS Other Coins

Total Coins 21 Million 2.1 Million 21 Million 21 Million
Energy Consumption >30TWh - >3TWh >5TWh
Block Time 10 Minutes 15 Sec 10 Minutes 10 S - 2 H
Block Reward 12.5 BTC - 12.5 BTG 12.5 BTH
PoW Algorithm SHA256 - Equihash SHA256
Mining Hardware ASIC - GPU ASIC
Difficulty Adjustment 2 Weeks - Every Block 2 Weeks + EDA
Replay Protection Yes YES Yes No
Unique Address Format No YES Yes Yes

Bitcoin PRO, The Same Decentralized Bitcoin - Only Better

Bitcoin Pro: All the great features that are associated with the standard Bitcoin (BTC) only the PRO version is faster, has lower fees and is completely decentralized

Absolutely nobody controls Bitcoin PRO, not even the developers, which in itself make it superior to all other cryptocurrencies. The team of developers spent two full years of their lives pouring their heart and soul into Bitcoin PRO and all of this work has paid off thanks to the top-quality end product they have created. It is the PRO version of Bitcoin in every conceivable way.

Bitcoin Pro Wallets - Bitcoin Pro can be stored in many wallets including Trezor, Ledger, Myetherwallet and many more. Our Favorite and quickest way to start is to download TrustWallet to your Android or Iphone, Open the app and follow the procedure to secure your wallet. After everything is set you will need to purchase Bitcoin Pro - Investors - Buy Here or send us an email and we'll send you back complete instructions on how to purchase - Even If you are a beginner with no experience at all. Email - Response Time to emails: Usually 3-4 Minutes and up to 10 Hours. If you don't receive a response within that time frame check your Spam folder.