Bitcoin Pro News

Bitcoin Pro News

Latest Updates For Bitcoin Pro - BTCP

4-8-2020 - BitcoinPro.Trade listed ChainLink! Trade here: BTCP/LINK

3-3-2020 - Introducing https://BitcoinPro.Trade/ - A true decentralized, anonymous exchange. You trade with your own wallet and you are 100% in control with your funds.

We will never ask for your id or record your IP when a trade is made. Just like it's supposed to be.

Deep learning of the market made it clear to us that if you are not rich you won't have the chance to get listed in top exchanges, their demands are almost impossible to fulfill if you don't have deep pockets and it DOESN'T matter if your project is the next big thing. Today, if Bitcoin was a new project, no top exchange would have listed it. We are going to change it.

Start trading with https://BitcoinPro.Trade/

P.S - These are major news for Bitcoin Pro project but it's only the beginning.

2-23-2020 - After a long development and research, We are in the final stages of testing the next big thing before exposing it to the public.
Bitcoin Pro team doesn't believe in RoadMaps, They are set with dates and goals that... never happen!
Instead, only real achievements and short term targets will be published. We actually don't care if that's acceptable in the industry or not, we are full with passion for Bitcoin Pro and that's the only thing that MATTERS. Maybe we think DIFFERENT.
Wait for the big news to be announced.

2-9-2020 - More amazing news for Bitcoin Pro. It is now listed on ResFinex Exchange with 2 pairs! Trade here: BTCP/USDT and BTCP/ETH

2-5-2020 - Yesterday Bitcoin Pro skyrocket to all time high price of 226.47$! Just the beginning?

1-22-2020 - BitCratic lists Bitcoin Pro - Trading starts now!


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