Bitcoin Pro News

Bitcoin Pro News

Latest Updates For Bitcoin Pro - BTCP

01-24-2024 Bitcoin Pro was added to Yahoo! Finance. BTCP keep on Building and developing.

07-19-2023 Bitcoin Pro contracts (Eth, Polygon, BNB) has renounced! The meaning of renounced contracts is that we have ZERO control of them, completely decentralized! This is one step further for Bitcoin Pro to gain mass adoption and trust! No other coin in the market has such transparency.

05-10-2023 Mass adoption continues, check BTCP on:


01-18-2023 Bitcoin Pro is now listed on TOKPIE exchange!

Bitcoin Pro Listed on Tokpie Exchange

12-28-2022 Bitcoin Pro will end 2022 as the best volume and mass adoption year! New partnerships, implementing the latest technologies and even weekly rewards to all holders are planned to be declared on 2023!

11-20-2022 - Bitcoin Pro celebrates 5 years! The 5th year is usually the breakout year of many crypto coins like Eth, Xrp, Doge, LTC. We can't wait to see how the 5th year of Bitcoin Pro will advance into the mainstream. HODL!

03-11-2022 - Bitcoin Pro is now listed on CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap lists Bitcoin Pro

02-22-2022 - Do you really believe Bitcoin has only 21 million coins of total supply? Think again.

17 hours ago Bitcoin Pro burned 192,478 coins to have exactly 2.1 million coins in total! When you strengthen your network by adding coins to more blockchains you need to balance it by decreasing coins in others, that's what transparency is. The top coins you know just add more networks with countless coins, without doing any balance and they call it circulating supply, making their total supply useless, even Bitcoin lost control and only god knows how many coins offered in how many blockchains, HINT: more than 21 million... We think and act different.
Bitcoin Pro Transparency VS Bitcoin Transparency

02-21-2022 - Bitcoin Pro is now available on Polygon Network! Contract address: BTCP on Polygon Network and trade Bitcoin Pro with very low fees using QuickSwap DEX.
Bitcoin Pro Listed On Polygon and QuickSwap

2 - A plan to make Bitcoin Pro bulletproof asset has begun. Bitcoin Pro will grow to all the biggest and latest technology networks like Polygon, Fantom and more. While keeping 2.1 Million coins max supply (Burn), Making Bitcoin Pro the most resilient and most secure asset among all coins.

08-19-2021 - Bitcoin Pro Wrapped is now live on BEP-20 network! due to high trading fees of Ethereum network, you have the option to buy / trade Bitcoin Pro with super low fees through BNB network and use exchanges like PancakeSwap to buy. Contract Address: 0x5de820707adc87b4581f8e7914a65341e68216db , View the contract on BscScan or the Trading Stats.
Bitcoin Pro Listed In PancakeSwap Exchange

08-13-2021 - You can now have a Live Chat with a human agent and have more confidence when investing in Bitcoin Pro.

01-31-2021 - Bitcoin Pro in corporation with Resfinex exchange is proud to announce trading competition with total prizes of 35.5 BTCP for the winners !
More details in this

12-10-2020 - Bitcoin Pro is now listed in Uniswap Exchange!
Uniswap is a true decentralized exchange with liquidity of about 2.8 Billion $ and daily trading volume of about 200 million $.

Bitcoin Pro Listed In Uniswap Exchange

9-25-2020 - Amazing 10% per month OFFER:
Any account with 100 Bitcoin Pro or more will be eligible for 10% increase directly to the account each month, for 6 months! This is made to grow the mass adoption of Bitcoin Pro even more.

Example: If you have 100 Bitcoin Pro, You'll receive 10 Bitcoin Pro in the 1st of the following month, in the second month you'll receive another 10% for your 110 Bitcoin Pro coins and so on.

This offer is limited for registrations until October 31 - 2020. Early adopters until September 30 - 2020 will receive 10% each month for 7 months instead of 6!

* Eligible accounts must inform us by email to [email protected] that they wish to participate and provide their wallet address for tracking. If you transfer your coins away from the wallet within the 6 months period you won't receive the 10% in the following month. Buy Bitcoin Pro and take advantage with this offer

8-12-2020 - Bitcoin Pro continues to grow and due to the overwhelming demand it's now available in 8 languages! Choose your language Here

- Added Bitcoin Pro to their index.

- Bitcoin Pro is now listed on CoinCost

2-23-2020 - After a long development and research, We are in the final stages of testing the next big thing before exposing it to the public.
Bitcoin Pro team doesn't believe in RoadMaps, They are set with dates and goals that... never happen!
Instead, only real achievements and short term targets will be published. We actually don't care if that's acceptable in the industry or not, we are full with passion for Bitcoin Pro and that's the only thing that MATTERS. Maybe we think DIFFERENT.

2-9-2020 - More amazing news for Bitcoin Pro. It is now listed on ResFinex Exchange with 2 pairs! Trade here: BTCP/USDT and BTCP/ETH

2-5-2020 - Yesterday Bitcoin Pro skyrocket to all time high price of 226.47$! Just the beginning?

1-22-2020 - BitCratic lists Bitcoin Pro - Trading starts now!


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